Trauma-focused Individual Therapy

Your individual therapy sessions will meet based upon your agreed upon frequency between you and your Village practitioner. Upon arrival, you will be offered a beverage and snack of your choice. Somatic-based mindfulness will begin each session to ensure present moment awareness. The session will consist of exploring your week and framing our work on any trauma-based survival defenses that emerge during your processing. We will work in the moment to help you surrender and work through your defenses to regain present moment awareness.

As the Village accepts many clients suffering from trauma who might not be fully ready to participate in the structure of DBT, due to intrusive trauma symptoms (e.g. flashbacks, nightmares, poor concentration, etc), we offer the therapeutic option of Trauma-focused DBT. With Trauma-focused DBT, the client is provided with skills and resources from Sensorimotor Psychotherapy‚Ą† in order to maximize the benefits of comprehensive DBT.