About The Village Model

In 2017, Kairos Mental Health Cooperative changed its name to The Village of Kairos, expanding programming and philosophy to offer services to families in crisis. Our vision is to help clients build a life worth living alongside a village of practitioners with lives worth sharing.

It is our mission to restore our client’s whole self through therapeutic practices grounded in validation, mindful body awareness, and behavioral change. We believe that it takes a whole village to restore a life and that it takes tremendous courage to begin the healing journey.

The Village Model

What To Expect


Upon arriving at your appointment, our Consultation Specialist will come out and greet you. We have a comfortable, private office setting including snacks and beverages. Our Consultation Specialist will usually begin by making gentle small talk for you to feel safe and accepted. During your first session, you are given the opportunity to share a bit of your story and what has led you to therapy.

We don’t require in-depth information at this point but would like to develop a general sense of your fitness for the therapy styles here in the Village. You will have the opportunity to ask any questions about our therapists’ qualifications and diverse therapeutic approaches. Our Consultation Specialist will recommend the Village practitioner who is best suited to address your specific needs. If additional staff are present at the time of your initial consultation, you will be introduced so you gain a sense of our Village practitioners and the caring and welcoming environment we create for you.

During this consultation we will outline the steps to intake and beginning treatment in the Village. The ultimate goal of the consultation is for you to feel you have made a sound decision and that you understand the therapies and programs that we offer. At any point, you are more than able to share that our services are not what you need. We can then give you a referral to a therapist that best suits your needs.


Upon completing your consultation, you will be assigned to a specific Village practitioner determined from the consultation to develop a specially-tailored treatment plan. The intake begins the therapeutic and clinical relationship as you will share your story with greater depth. This is an emotional and courageous step in your healing journey and we take great care to maintain your confidentiality throughout this stage of therapy and all the steps moving forward. If deemed necessary (e.g. superbill or referral), diagnostic testing and assessments would be completed at this time. Please note that if you are seeking reimbursement from your insurance company, a diagnosis must be established at time of intake to facilitate this process. The treatment plan is a mutual collaboration between you and your Village practitioner. We will only work on your expressed goals.